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Relationship Tips

10 Costly Mistakes Women Are Making In Marriages

The success of your marriage depends on your maturity and commitment.

Below are 10 costly mistakes women are making in marriage they must stop!

1. Some women prolong silent when offended by their husbands. One of the costly mistakes you must avoid in your marriage is keeping malice with your husband.

Malice damages communication in any marriage in the world. that is why you need to be open to talk to your husband and avoid going silent in your marriage because that is one thing the devil love to see in marriages.

2. Some women love listening to friends above their husbands. You don’t expect to have a happy marriage when you pay more attention to friends than your husband. when you take your friends as your advises, what you are doing is to hand your marriage over to your enemies.becouse your husband will devalued and that may cost you your marriage.

3. When you shares your husbands personal secret to your friends and family and your husband get to hear them outside.Dear sisters, there are things in your marriage you don’t have any excuse why you shared them with your friends. you don’t have to gossip your husband with friends and family.

4. Pushing your husband into drinking by comparing him. do you know that many husbands have gone drinking because of too much pressure coming from their wives? You are supposed to be your husbands best friend, but today your husbands best friend is alcohol instead of you.

5. After marriage you stop looking good for your husband. It is unbelievable the things some women do after marriage, they only dress well when they are going for meeting or to see family members. but in the house they look pathetic and expect their husbands not to look outside, you forget that even after marriage you still need to keep the fire burning.

6. Turning yourself into a perpetual house wife. It’s so sad that some women after marriage they stop dreaming and expect husband to provide everything in marriage.

They drop their career and talents God gave them for their own good just because of marriage, and tomorrow if something happens to their husband they become handicap and frustrated in life.

7. By isolating themselves in the name of marriage. Do you know that so many wives have isolated themselves because of marriage. Have mature friends to surround you, to grow with you as a wife.

This makes your life richer, widens your worldview, challenges you and makes you less demanding on your husband’s time. Again, make sure the lady friends you keep are of good character. You need fellow women who will stand with you, iron sharpens iron that is the Truths about life.

8. Showing too much love for kids, and making the husband lonely.

This is one of the costly mistakes some women do in marriage,When you get a child/children, don’t be too busy with kids.try to balance your marriage because your husband needs your attention too. Don’t push him aside. Show him you still need him. Do parenthood together but also still remember you need to keep your husband warm, because he didn’t marry just for the kids. Yes, you can balance being a wife

9. some women start competing with other women. you don’t have any reason to start competing with your neighbors and friends after marriage. if you have wanted to compete, compete with yourself not your neighbours, or friends.

competing with other couples in order to make an impression. When you want to live like other couples and have what they have, you will only make your marriage shallow. Don’t make your husband feel not good enough because you are admiring other marriages. Stop playing catch up. Find your own identity, goals and pace as a couple so that you can be happy In Your own marriage.

10. Bottling Yourself in marriage because of low self esteem.

Stop bottling things to yourself pretending you are happy. Just because you feel Intimidated by your husbands level of education or exposure, Stop wearing a plastic smile. Stop thinking your husband will know what is bothering you if you don’t say it.

Stand up and speak out, you have a right to express yourself in marriage. Marriage should not take away your self esteem, Stop calling your husband insensitive yet you don’t voice to him what is disturbing you. If you keep things inside you they will grow and one day blow up in an ugly way. You are only damaging yourself.

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