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Prophet Jacob Dube popularly known as Jay Israel has admitted that he risked his reputation, and millions of people who trusted, and looked up to him as a truthful and resilient leader for useless things.

He says, along the way, he compromised integrity and dignity for vanity, and now he’s prepared to right the wrongs.

“The fact that I make mistakes, does not mean that I’m going to stop liberating you because I know that you are blind. I’ve seen things that you’ve never seen with your eyes.

“From today don’t defend me. If you hear anything about me. Don’t defend me, only God who called me for this assignment, only God who called me for this mission, shall be my defence, only God who called me for this assignment, shall vindicate me,” said Jay Israel.

Jay Israel also wrote this on his Facebook account:


When I started the BACK TO CHRIST MOVEMENT I was determined, focused and ready to suffer the consequences of standing for the truth without fear or favor , but along the way I compromised my integrity and dignity for vanity.

I risked my reputation and millions of people who trusted and looked up to me as a truthful and resilient leader for useless things .

These Last few months humbled me . I have been betrayed , persecuted, used , rejected and abandoned but now I have made a conscious decision to come back and show the world that we can all serve christ with a pure heart and soul but unfortunately the only way I can do that is by coming clean about my past and shortfalls because if we hide what we have done in private it leaves us vulnerable to anyone who discovers our secrets and we become so indebted to them for life and strive to keep them but it is a slippery slope to even doing worse things.

I have made many mistakes over the past months , some of which I learnt a lot from and some ended me in prison but I want everyone who once instilled their trust in me to know the kind of man I was and the kind of man I am NOW . As young as I am , I have tried to do everything within my power with the help of the Holy Spirit to do the right thing and live right but it’s not as easy as it seems to be .

I would like to put it on record that there are many people I have wronged and let down through my actions , speech and behaviour but I believe that through the grace and love of Christ all shall be well in due time and I shall be at peace with everyone .

As I believe I do not have much time left for me to be alive , I will not allow myself to go to rest with a heart full of pain , grief , hatred anger amongst other things .

This is not a suicide note but a message that will help my generation to understand the times .



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