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Men’s ‘Manhoods’ Are Shrinking: New Study Reveals Bad News

If you’re a guy and didn’t care about pollution before today, you might wanna rethink that stance – because your manhood (and that of any future son’s) is seriously shrinking because of it and other forms of pollution.

According to leading epidemiologist and environmental scientist Dr Shanna Swan, male penises are getting historically smaller and pollution is to blame.

Dr Shanna Swan, who is professor of environmental medicine and public health at NYC’s Mount Sinai Hospital, made the startling claims in her new book, Count Down: How Our Modern World Is Threatening Sperm Counts, Altering Male and Female Reproductive Development, and Imperilling the Future of the Human Race.

According to Dr Swan’s new book, humanity is facing an “existential crisis” due to phthalates, a chemical used in manufacturing plastics that impacts the hormone-producing endocrine system.

She cites different peer-reviewed studies in her findings, which say there’s a scary trend of modern-day babies being born with noticeably shorter members which she directly links to the phthalates she says are seeping into our toys and even some foods we eat.

Dr. Swan says the same effect was observed in rat fetuses exposed to phthalates … and now it’s being seen in humans as well – which she calls a crisis in the making.

This is part of a larger problem that has also been touched on elsewhere – the fact that men’s sperm count and viable sperm world-wide is plummeting. Dr Swan estimates that if this continues at the rate it’s at now … we’ll all be virtually impotent by 2045.


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