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Things A Man Would Never Confess To A Woman No Matter How Much He Loves Her

Is today’s article, we have compiled a list of things that no man will ever tell a woman no matter how much he loves her.

1) “We love confident women”

Truth of the matter is a man will never confess this to a woman. That’s why a man would rather choose a charismatic yet overly curvaceous girl over a top model with confidence issues. They fear being challenged

2) “How you look is important for me”

Men love with their eyes and every one of them wants to see the women they love in a “smart sexy” style where their image is both elegant and sexy but without vulgarity.

3) “I don’t know how to do it”

Men always want to be strong and smart in front of their lady, and that’s why they will never confess that they have no idea of doing something even if they truly don’t have a clue about it.

4) “I can’t afford it”.

A man just can’t tell his girlfriend he can’t afford something. They also like comparing themselves with their friends and hate accepting failures.

5) “I am jealous”

When a man sees his girlfriend flirting with another guy, he won’t give away a single emotion yet inside he suffers a lot .

6) “I like your sister / friend”

Your man will like your hotter sister or friend, and he’ll think about her, though he’ll never say it out loud, of course. It’s stupid to think that your love makes him blind to other girls.

7) “They like compliments”

Men need words of affection and warm looks just as ladies do. Men want to know they didn’t waste time choosing the right outfit before seeing you.

8 “They like girly things”

Men won’t confess that they like girly things like gossiping, cuddling, watching women’s TV shows just to relax, standing with hands on their waist, doing makeups and other girly things. They just hide it well because other “guys won’t understand.”

9) “I am scared”

Men won’t tell you they’re afraid of the dark or other scary things so as not to show their weakens.

10) Men also watch romantic comedies. And, to be honest, from time to time they shed a tear.The only difference is that he’ll gruffly say you’re watching some nonsense and wipe his eyes furtively.

11) They don’t leave a relationship without a reason

A man will never leave if he’s interested. He does nothing without a reason. And if he leaves one he felt good with, he can’t do that at once – such a girl holds a special place in his heart.

Now you know what a man cannot confess to a woman no matter what! 

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